K. Lorraine Graham

K. Lorraine Graham

I’m a poet who also writes about arts and humanities research for the University of Maryland. This space is an occasional konvolute for curating language and media relevant to my creative-research interests, but you’ll also see regular pictures of my pacific parrotlet, Lester Young, as well as occasional sloppy essays, commentary and diary entries. For old posts, visit my Tumblr, which may or may not work.  Pre 2010 blogthings are still up my old blogger blog, Terminal Humming.

I grew up overseas (Chile, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, China) and in Maine. After a decade of working for various non-profits and public policy organizations in Washington, DC, I moved to San Diego for love, left it for love, and moved back to DC for work (just kidding, obviously it was for love).

Interests: affective labor, birds, la quotidienne, swamps, operatic suffering, melodrama, disco

Books: Terminal Humming (Edge Books), and The Rest is Censored (Bloof Books).

Selected work online:

Selected recordings online via Penn Sound:

Some projects: 

  • A sprawling prose text on leaving and lovers
  • A story-essay thing about manifest destiny and expatriate aesthetics
  • Daybooks, almanacs, rewritings & collagings / projects to survive the workday

When I’m a scholar I think about: 

  • Psychogeograpy / psychoecology
  • The poetics of data
  • Affect and technology / technology as apparatus for feeling