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I know folks have read and discussed this already, but I just read it today. Much of this essay is very smart and fits in nicely with Daniel Tiffany’s concerns with criminal argots in Infidel Poetics not to mention his interest in kitsch in My Silver Planet. But I’d like to add a historical note: most of the techniques that are here accredited to writers like Joshua Clover and Keston Sutherland (among the serious “Marxists” or “Marxians”) were introduced into American poetry by the Vancouver writers of the Kootenay School, namely Jeff Derksen, Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, Dan Farrell and (though I don’t believe he was a “member”) Kevin Davis, who as well know emigrated to New York in the 90s when many of these writers visited our little village frequently (the series of readings and panels that Rob Fitterman curated and organized in I think 1994 called “New York Poetry Talks” were instrumental).


Few people have heard the music of Croatian composer Martin Davorin-Jagodić (for which I just added an entry on Wikipedia), maybe because recording was never a priority for him, as all his work focuses on performances, multimedia installations and graphic scores – his are among the most intricate and elaborated graphic scores ever produced, thanks to their combination of drawing, diagrams, collage, aleatoricism, transparencies and détournement, sometimes all at once.

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Hello. I’m a poet and digital media specialist with broad interests in affective labor, la quotidienne, and operatic suffering. 

This is a somewhat purposeless Tumblr that used to be a Wordpress blog that used to be a blogger blog that used to be a webpage. Recently, this has been a space for drafts and occasional pictures of my parrotlet, Lester Young.

Or pharmacological violence—bleeding surprised. Not the regular drop

of blood for a day then done                 Implant

perfect regulation          The male

finch calls for a female and the cat— ungendered           

calls them both  Hope

for early menopause                  for another pill