In my ideal world eight years ago

In my ideal world eight years ago, I was reading Ariana Reines’ Coeur de Lion, and I wanted us all to have well-read psychotherapists. I thought emotional nakedness was “incredibly interesting” and also manipulation, sincerity, and vulnerability. Seven years ago, I actively resented the end of my vacation bubble and did not want to get up at 6 am. When I did get up, I realized that my self-bought individual insurance plan had gone up $10 a month. I thanked American individualism in which, I said, “individual=corporation.”  It was Tuesday six years ago, and I was looking for a  new topic, so I wrote about the Hello People, the only rock band with “real mime” credibility because the original band leaders studied with Etienne De Crux, the father of French mime. When I searched all morning for a manuscript I thought I’d lost five years ago, I actually found it several times, but it didn’t read like my memory of the text, so I mistakenly thought it wasn’t the manuscript I was looking for. Now the manuscript and the memory of what the manuscript was or was not are completely lost. Four years ago, Jessica made a map of her poetic influence for Kate Pringle, and the map is still a kind of family picture. DC and the mid-Atlantic. Proto-everything.

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