nothing’s too numerous / no one needs this poem

#napowrimo 2017 day 1, 4 days late

#napowrimo 2017 day 1 notes

Of destiny or responsibility   no one needs

this poem    not here to help   make nothing measurably

better   we know measurement is better when bunk

but O! successful grant proposals   requests for venture

capital        I am stumped   by warbler identification

hospital lobbies   time passing and other things too

numerous    but nothing’s too numerous

for poetry   neither maternity ward poetics nor linoleum:   all possibilities

and no one behind the reception desk   it’s best:    “Happy Health

Information Professionals Week”   meanwhile     incorrect address

insurance name of husband   some other me in a house

in a house in northwest on some other husband’s insurance

some other me:    a caramel macchiato while waiting     iced.

“What are you having?” Body as restaurant. As oven. Home appliance.

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