I tweet for the arts & humanities

#napowrimo 2017 day 3, 3 days late

#napowrimo 2017 day 3 notes

Daily despair   I have no new ideas

bubble bath yoga     some infusion

of ginger & honey & blood orange peel    the email

says “awaken your radiant self”   but whatever

my pointlessly competent career   can’t even

go into that Whole Foods anymore    definitely can’t

shoplift there anymore   I tweet for the arts

& humanities & public higher education   but don’t

call in from the middle seat of a leather couch

in a tire shop in the suburbs   make word choice

errors  and attract affect    it’s my thing    affect

and error  death and extra letters    we don’t

need to be living for affect to take hold.

We could be corpses. We could be office furniture.

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